On the side of the environment and people

On the side of the environment and people

“Good decision-making is based on knowledge and research, participation and caring, independent legislative drafting, and openness and working together
— And is on the side of the environment and people!”

Saara Huhmarniemi
Candidate in the 2019 parliamentary election, Uusimaa


My campaign themes


Everybody has the right to a clean environment

Nature is dear to us Finns. I want Finland’s nature to remain a source of health and well-being for future generations too. Biodiversity loss must be stopped and large natural areas need to be protected.

Climate change must be stopped

Stopping climate change is the most important issue of our time. It’s possible to stop climate change, but there’s no time to lose. We have to acknowledge the facts, base decision-making on scientific research, and have the courage to implement the necessary solutions.


Education cuts must be reversed – we have to take responsibility for the future

Finland’s well-being has always been based on education and know-how. The recent excessive cuts in education and research have undermined the future of the country. The && This trend has to be reversed – we need more resources for all education from early childhood to vocational schools and universities.


Strong public services ensure a good life

Public healthcare, social, geriatric, and other public services provide the foundation for a good life for all of us.

We have unfortunately had to observe that these services cannot be taken for granted even in Finland. They have to be defended through determined efforts and decisions that respect all people. We need socially sustainable decision-making that encourages people to find their own way and supports them in difficult stages of their life.

Saara Huhmarniemi

Working for common interests has always been important to me. I have been active for many years in non-profit associations and as a citizen activist, and now I’m also a municipal and regional politician.

  • Researcher, PhD, aged 42
  • Mother, 2 children
  • Chair of the Construction and Environment Committee of Kirkkonummi, member of the Kirkkonummi Municipal Council, deputy member of the Kirkkonummi Municipal Board, deputy member of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council
  • President of the Greens of Kirkkonummi
  • My roots are in northern Finland, in Lapland’s and Rovaniemi’s nature


Running for parliament requires time, work, and money. Even a small campaign needs to pay for flyers, advertisements, and campaign events. I don’t have any support from wealthy donors, and my savings from my research work are not yet enough to enable me to pay for publicity. So the success of my campaign depends on getting many small donations.

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